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10. Discovering Filipinx Film | Chanel Biala

Chanel Biala is a Filipina videographer and aspiring filmmaker from Western Sydney. She is passionate about film and working with the Western Sydney community.

We talk about:

1. Chanel making films in highschool

2. Chanel's top picks for films her experiences in film school

3. We talk about indie Filipino films, Asian horror films, and our want for more Filipinx people in film and on screen.

Find her on:

Instagram: @piscescrush

Stuffed mentioned:

"In this family"


Markova: Comfort Gay (2002)

The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995) Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017)

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

My Ex and Whys (2017)

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