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9. Tattooing and belonging in diaspora | Matcho Cassidy

Matcho Cassidy is a conceptual writer and performance poet, who explores themes that are heart wrenching, brain stimulating and thought provoking; such as Identity, Diaspora, Passion, Reincarnation, Death, Love and Romance.

Using cadence and conceptual methods, he bridges relationships with traits, balancing ideologies with metaphor, suspending death and delicately trickling power through alliteration within his rhymes. Matcho has written with patience and passion, allowing raw thought overtake into a kaleidoscope of expression catered through technique.

Matcho has performed and featured at Captain Rehab, Tenx9Adelaide, Ozasia's Lucky Dumpling Market, The Hearth, Poetry & Prose, Al Salam Festival & Dithyrambia as well as Whitewalls Poetry in (Philippines). He was the Runner up in the Draw Your Swords Slam 2017. Voted People's Champ for the Goowla Poetry Cup 2018.

As well as running Soul Lounge, a monthly poetry event exposing talent of People Of Colour and giving them a platform to perform, he has also been hosting and creating workshops for the community, whether it is Poetry Therapy, WTM: Writes To Mic, or just endeavours of Soul Lounge to help writers write in their mother’s mother tongue and feel not just comfortable but confident in it.

Matcho is currently working on his own book - Ellipsis: Inbetween the dots. which is set to revolve around the city's poetry scene community as well as including his analysis and transcript of how some of his poems came into manifestation, how the writer feels about certain issues, and how he has gone from: Inception, Development to Ideology.

Episode summary

We talk about:

1. Tito Matcho talks about how he fell into poetry

2. We talk about our travels into the Kalinga region

3. Getting tattoos, tattoo history and the afterlife

Find him on:

Wordpress: https://iammatcho.wordpress.com/about/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-497825367/sets/who-i-am-right-now

Instagram: @matcho_makata

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